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Varme arbeider - Hot works

Certified safety training for performing hot work

The course meets the insurance companies' requirements that everyone who works with hot work has documented approved training. Definition of hot work: use of open flame, hot air, grinding, cutting or welding equipment that can create heat or sparks.


The course deals with hot work as a cause of fire, and training in the safety measures that must be implemented before, during and after hot work to prevent fires. This is to avoid accidents with fire. The certification may be a condition for insurance to cover any fire damage.

Online course content

  • The certification scheme
  • Laws and regulations
  • Safety regulations
  • Work instructions
  • Fire knowledge
  • What happens when there is a fire
  • Extinguishing media
  • Personal injuries
  • Tools
  • Use of gas
  • Work on roofs
  • Before, during and after work
  • Summary
  • Final exam

Regulatory requirements for documented safety training

The requirements for training and certification for the performance of heating work are laid down in the insurance companies' safety regulations for heating work. The safety regulations are anchored in section 4-8 of the Insurance Contracts Act. Several other regulations also have liability requirements in connection with this type of work.

The course follows the standards set by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association. In addition to fire theory and regulations, the course focuses on the personal responsibility of hot work practitioners. All participants in the course must have tried to extinguish a fire using different types of extinguishing agents. They will also have seen demonstrations of various hazards in fire protection and extinguishing techniques.

After completing the course, all participants who pass the exam will receive a certificate of competence issued by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association, valid for five years.

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